Cat Latos, and Other Baseball Pet Names

With the recent call up of Cat Latos’s dad (Mat Latos), we here at Resting Pitchface thought that now would be an appropriate time to revisit a topic briefly touched upon in an earlier show.

Baseball pet names.

No, not dugout nicknames or the nicknames we as fans come up with at home that will never grace a player’s ears (Michael A Taylor, it’s probably best you don’t know how often we refer to you as ‘Bambi’), but the names of baseball pets and pets named for baseball. Brainstorming has been done, and here’s a short list of some of our favorites:


  1. Jason Yipness
  2. Jose Pawtista
  3. Pawliver Perez


  1. Columbia MD Native Steve Lombardoberman
  2. Clay Pugholtz
  3. Yasiel Pug
  4. CC Sabassett Hound
  5. David Dahlmation
  6. George Springer Spaniel
  7. Roger St Bernardina
  8. Corgi Seager
  9. Dan Puggla
  10. Collie Ripken Jr.
  11. Charlie Blacklab
  12. Opoodle Herrera
  13. Bark McGweimeraner
  14. Max Schnauser
  15. Manny Machowdo
  16. Melvin Pupton Jr


  1. Tyler Clippurrrd
  2. Bryce Harpurr
  3. Jayson Purrth
  4. Clawton Purrshaw
  5. Justin Purrlander


  1. Jean Seguana
  2. Marcel Iguana
  3. Boa Jackson


  1. Christian Yelfish
  2. Nick Cassellamas
  3. Evan Llamagoria
  4. Nolan Lion
  5. Mel Otter
  6. Billy Hampsterton
  7. Asgerbil Cabrera
  8. Paul Goldfish
  9. Wilson Llamos
  10. Jared Saltalamaccawchia

This is something we’d love listener participation in! If you’ve got a suggestion or a favorite, please let us know! Especially if it is something you’ve already named a pet (and if so, please, pictures?). Submit your comments to us on tumblr, on our twitter, or at This was originally posted on the Resting Pitchface Tumblr.