Episode 54 - Fiddler on the Roof Rabbi-Copter

The women's national baseball team won gold in the Pan Am Games! Guess some coverage would have been nice. Shrug. Emoji. On the homefront, Max is back, hopefully no longer trying to herd the rest of the dugout. Shockingly, we think Rendon deserves a contract extension. No one deserves those player weekend jerseys. Not even Southern Thunder.

Episode 54: Fiddler on the Roof Rabbi-Copter

Episode 53 - Lefty Relievers Below Replacement

We’re back after a life hiatus. Luckily women’s baseball didn’t take a hiatus, with a new European tournament and the fifth year of Baseball For All (go DC Force). If you missed Women in Baseball Week, Baseball Prospectus has a tag for that. Oh yeah, the Nats made some trade moves and our bench is the danciest, colored-glasses wearing-est, happiest place to be.

Resting Pitchface still wants more pet trade data. We’ve identified a gap in the market.

Episode 53: Lefty Relievers Below Replacement

Episode 51 - Shawn Kelley Glove Fund

The optimal product of baseball should be fun baseball and the Nationals are making that a bit easier of late. (Vote Rendon.) We here at Tangents R Us are certainly having a better time, as are a number of Nats pitchers. (Vote Rendon.) This time we have some on-field reporters from Night Out, thoughts on language acquisition, big dogs, All Star Game fashion (have we mentioned Vote Rendon?), and more tangents. Vote Rendon!

Episode 51: Shawn Kelley Glove Fund

Episode 50 - Please Unsnap Dusty

Resting Pitchface returns from the Eastern Women’s Baseball Conference Diamond Classic with some wisdom the Nationals could use: Lean in with your boobs. Not your head, Victor Robles. If the season is going to be what it keeps on being, the Nats should at least make sure the kids (Soto, Robles, et al) are alright. And with the season being what it is, we’ll keep on doing what we do, which in this instance is casting the team as Avengers, because why not.

Episode 50: Please Unsnap Dusty

Episode 47: Shirtless & Slightly Douchey

Look, Bryce is gone. We have some feelings and opinions about that. It’s Resting Pitchface, we have feelings and opinions about everything. For example, how many Matts are on the Nats (spoilers: a lot), whether any of these new rule changes are going to fix anything (spoilers: they aren’t) , and should we resign DSpan (spoilers: we should).

We spend as much time talking about Bryce Harper as we do taking about goats. We’ll leave it to you to determine what’s the best use of our time (spoilers: it’s goats).

Episode 47: Shirtless & Slightly Douchey

Episode 46 - And We're Back To That

Spring training is upon us and Resting Pitchface is back to talk about all the free agents yet to find their forever homes. Free agents are basically stray cats, right? We also say our goodbyes to Frank Robinson, discuss potential tight races in the NL, and make some space for more Grammar Time with Resting Pitchface. We didn’t mean to call Opportunity Curiosity, we swear we know better.

Episode 46 - And We’re Back To That

Episode 45 - All Glory to the Shoulder Toad

Resting Pitchface is back even though baseball still isn’t. We discuss the offseason moves the Nats (and a few select others) have made and what that could mean for 2019. As always with us, there’s more: telepathy as a performance enhancing drug, what can be done to protect Wilson Ramos’ hamstrings, and who's who of the /checks notes, Reds?, just to name a few. Don't worry, the elephant in the Nats' outfield gets some coverage too.

Episode 45 - All Glory to the Shoulder Toad

Episode 44: Flat Stanleys

We've gone from baseball chaos to baseball anti-chaos here in the post season, but that doesn't mean we don't have some highlights to discuss. Relief pitcher home runs, catcher support groups, the un-pitcher-butt, and more all have their episode in the sun. We're also joined by Adrian Burgos of La Vida Baseball for a special interview in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month!

Episode 43: Flat Stanleys

Outtakes (Episodes 42 & 43)

More outtakes for your listening pleasure! Have a look for an occasional glimpse behind our scenes into our process:

Can you get divorced without a spouse?

On attractiveness:

Laura battles a spider:

Non-baseball games:

Uniquely baseball injuries:

Zero sum games:

Do you know your AL pitchers?

As always (if twice counts as always), if you’d like to see more of this, please let us know!

Episode 43 - Oatmeal Storm

What does Resting Pitchface want in the postseason (now that the Nats are out)? Chaos. Chaos, and Ichiro in a series of disguises. Do we have enough mustaches for this? Also, did you know that Mike Trout is a chaos/weather god? You heard it here first.

The Nats’ season may be over but that doesn’t mean we don’t have stuff to talk about. MLB. Karaoke. GO!

Episode 42: Oatmeal Storm

Episode 42: Phenomaly

We here at Resting Pitchface likes to cover many topics: unionization, eating the rich, pharmaceutical development, and measuring things in percentages of a Joe Blanton. We're also making peace with where the Nationals are and looking forward to where they'll be. Jayson Werth night was a thing, the intentional relief pitcher out should be a thing, and (checks) we all still love Oliver Perez. How about that Juan Soto?

Episode 42: Phenomaly