Resting Pitchface Episode 16 - A Roster Move To The Knee

Sometimes the baseball players we love make bad decisions, which can run the gamut from poor choices in bleaching to falling off their dirtbikes *cough* MadBum *cough*. Obviously, we talk about all the ways those bad decisions can manifest, with side paths into new baby Strasburgs, the return of the Zach Duke update (this time in PSA form), and, inexplicably, Veggie Tales? Also, the Mets are pretty broken, Gio is killing it (best Nats ERA, and probably most consistent!), Bryce Harper is not Fievel, and Dan Kolko might get subsumed into Jayson Werth's beard. All alternate titles for this episode involved nipples; be thankful that there is resistance to the podcasttatorship.