Episode 30 - Bad Idea Factory

As the song (sort of) goes Baseball's Back, Alright! Resting Pitchface is joined this week by Ursula of Flipping Bats & Winning Games to discuss the state of the NL East (don't hold her Mets fan-dom against her). Of course, the NL is mainly a bad idea factory, but that's not so out of keeping with the official bad idea factory that is MLB (extra humidors? limited mound visits???). We discuss those bad ideas and some good ideas of our own, like adopting some aspects of Finnish baseball or giving Leslie Jones and Sonia Sotomayor their own baseball show. We're so excited that it's baseball time again!

Episode 29 - Hashtag Cold Stove

Did you know that Christian Yelich autocorrects to helicopter? #yelicopter Also, Ichiro is a wasp now. No, this didn't become a Marlins podcast overnight, but the Nats only made like 1 1/2 moves since our last episode. This is Howie do it and Anthony Rendon might be making the money he's earned. That said, Marlins going to Marlin, and Orioles going to LOLOrioles. 

It's been a cold stove offseason. Resting Pitchface has thoughts.

Episode 29: Hashtag Cold Stove

Episode 28 - Compassionate Release

The Nats haven't made a lot of moves so far this offseason, but some other teams have made some doozies, making some people happy and others not so much (#savechristianyelich). The Nats have changed their uniforms, something we noted when two thirds of us went to Winterfest. We talk about that, the return (?) of Tim Lincecum, how dWAR for first basemen is the shrug emoji of stats, oh, and baby names we hate. It's the last Resting Pitchface of the year!

Episode 28 - Compassionate Release

Episode 24 - Brought To You By The Letter F Bomb

Resting Pitchface has nothing appropriate to say (do we ever?) so we're going inappropriate. Luckily rookie dress up day is a thing, and a thankfully creative thing this time around. Thing have been awakened within all of us. There's also tautological arguments, discussion over what is the opposite of warbley jesus music (it's dick jokes), and hotties at the hot corner. We all support Bruce Maxwell and MLB damn well better do the same. Dusty Baker wants us to listen to the youth.

Episode 24 - Brought To You By The Letter F Bomb

Episode 23 - 60:40 Animals To Baseball

Howie Kendrick and Wilmer Difo are not the same size! And all the clap emoji in the world aren't going to change that! We here at Resting Pitchface are dedicated to bringing you the real facts about player height. Also, cat genetics, Ollie & Albie love, and player DL frustrations (Bryce would totally be riding bikes right now, if he could). Trea Turner's back and stole some bases and also one of our bits! Surgery talk and cephalopods are also back. Classic.

Episode 23 - 60:40 Animals To Baseball

***In this episode we do discuss MLB's domestic violence policy and it's applications, re: Derek Norris. This segment starts approximately 30 minutes in and ends at about 41 minutes. ***

Episode 22: Player To Be Nicknamed Later

We finally have a topical reason to talk baseball nicknames! Dubiously topical? Cat jerseys may not be customizable, our outfield is a cornucopia of ups despite our current MASH unit status, and Scotchguarding bases is an... interesting concept. Resting Pitchface is joined this episode with some very special guests, the girls of DC Force Baseball (!!!), so definitely check out what they have to say!

Episode 22: Player To Be Nicknamed Later

Episode 21 - Sort By Huggability

Just how many players are Dorian Gray-ing their way through MLB? Who are all these new Nationals? Did Bryce Harper make a pact with a sea witch? "Answers" to these questions in the latest episode of Resting Pitchface, as well as what's up with the Cardinal's Christian Night, is there a right way to stats, and will Max Scherzer ever stop talking about his home run? And this time around, we're crying about our starting pitchers, not the bullpen!

Episode 21 - Sort By Huggability

Episode 20 - Salty Potatoes

It's Resting Pitchface's favorite time of year, the All Star Break! Which still doesn't have pool noodle jousting, but should, especially with this many Nats going (snubs aside). We discuss that, furthering the cause of international baseball, menacing oceans, and our new guys, who we're pretty sure aren't aliens. And our DL might look rough right now, but the Mets need either a necromancer or probably a doctor, and at the very least an exorcism.

Episode 20 - Salty Potatoes

Resting Pitchface Episode 19 - Trea Turner Clone Factory

Anthony Rendon has a BFF! And they both have the shirts to prove it! Also, the Nats have a Trea Turner cloning factory or at least are starting an impressive collection. Joe Ross keeps trying to do it all, Resting Pitchface has a family, Darren Baker may be a basket full of kittens, and Bianca the dog has a Saga in this episode, featuring special guest host Jenn Rubenstein! We did try not to discuss the bullpen but they keep coming up. At the moment our bullpen is the worst penny. 

Episode 19 - Trea Turner Clone Factory

**In this episode we discuss Child Sexual Assault. If you would like to skip this section, it comes up with warning around minute 42 and ends around minute 50. **

Resting Pitchface Episode 18 - Relievers Are People Too

Intergalactic baseball is sadly still not a thing, sigh. But we here at Resting Pitchface can still find ways to bring space into Earth-based baseball, especially when the NL East is a collection of black holes stacked on top of each other; Organic Farmer Jayson Werth may revive farming at the first Jedi temple; and Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Koda Glover are lighting it up with some out of this world Ks. Oh, and the concept of the Closer should definitely be shot into space!

Resting Pitchface Episode 17 - Run A Bunch Of Stairs

There's so much positive to talk about! De Nile is just a river near the Potomac! The Ryanaissance is real (and we all can spell it), Jayson Werth is himself but stronger, and Max Scherzer continues to exemplify our starting pitching. Couple that with some strong feelings about playing through injury and some Things Observed at Fenway and you've got yourselves the making of a #classic Resting Pitchface episode.

Resting Pitchface Episode 16 - A Roster Move To The Knee

Sometimes the baseball players we love make bad decisions, which can run the gamut from poor choices in bleaching to falling off their dirtbikes *cough* MadBum *cough*. Obviously, we talk about all the ways those bad decisions can manifest, with side paths into new baby Strasburgs, the return of the Zach Duke update (this time in PSA form), and, inexplicably, Veggie Tales? Also, the Mets are pretty broken, Gio is killing it (best Nats ERA, and probably most consistent!), Bryce Harper is not Fievel, and Dan Kolko might get subsumed into Jayson Werth's beard. All alternate titles for this episode involved nipples; be thankful that there is resistance to the podcasttatorship.

Resting Pitchface Episode 15 - Falling Practice

The (roughly) first week of baseball is behind us! There's lots of positives, some glaring negatives, and plenty to fuel a full season's worth of discussion. Of course, we here at Resting Pitchface focus on our favorite topics, such as comfort goats, falling down properly, The Bullpen Situation, and the most recent addition, how does this affect my fantasy team. With all that, women's baseball showcase, speedy centerfielders, and more, we're off to a terrific seasonal start!

Resting Pitchface Episode 14 - World Baseball Classic - Who Can We Steal?

Recorded immediately prior to Team USA versus Team Also USA (Puerto Rico), it's the World Baseball Classic! From which countries have teams and why to how all the aesthetics of the tournament could improve with a Bedazzler, we've got it all with our particular Resting Pitchface flair. Look out countries of the world, we're coming for you to steal your baseball players.

Resting Pitchface Episode 13 - Baseball's Back, Alright

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, its 75 degrees in february and BASEBALL IS BACK.

It's a Resting Pitchface spring training 'preview': pace of play saltiness, inescapable politics, Bryce and others make Boom Boom, and of course too much talk about terrible infectious diseases of the face. Y'all, 2017 is just getting started. LET'S GO NATS!!!

Resting Pitchface Episode 10 - Hashtag Narrative

We're over our post-NLDS funk and are back and ready to dig into the various narratives of the ongoing postseason, including pitcher usage and returning heroes. We don't leave the Nats out, not with some longtime favorites leaving and a whole bunch of possible moves coming up in the offseason. Also, trust us, there are some things you shouldn't google.